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The jet coach Gusi said that the Belle leg teen is not suitable for the player denied
As the season is approaching, any injuries need to be careful.

New York Jet Tradler - Gates (Adam Gase) said that the Run Waravian - Bell was asked to leave training in advance due to the uncomfortable leg gluten, he said it was for cautious consideration.

However, after Gain announced his injury, Bell denied this saying on the twitter. He first replied to a pushing of jet injury news, indicating "there is no problem with my leg".

Bell then made a further explanation, he said, "When you can only feel it easy to feel it ..... I am used to training."

Obviously, Bell is dissatisfied with Gies asking yourself. Before leaving, he is working with the old Frank Gore to get training opportunities.

Gates said that Bell is a player who is very hate that leaving training, and Www.Eurocasalinghinoci.Com the latter often needs to be forced to end training. This may explain that Bell is dissatisfied with the twice.

It can be said that in view of the increasingly approaching of the season, coaches should be careful about players injury. Of course, with Bell's own words, "participating in the training is in order to meet in the game."

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